Truth Printing

Efficacy of Printed Words

All of us are influenced by the printed page as we read from the Bible or a devotional each morning. The words that are read give their message and are used by God to form our characters and choices. From the first choice to accept Christ, I and many others can trace our conversion to a pamphlet or a book.

In all types of media, the printed word is still the most powerful and effective in communicating the truths of salvation. Only with the page can one thoughtfully ponder the weight of each word in the sentence or reread it for a clearer understanding. The God given perseverance of a book or pamphlet is strong to call one to read it or to be handed from one person to another for it to give the same wonderful message. The printed page needs no other device in order for it to speak to an individual, all it needs is time. The message of salvation in Jesus Christ must be printed in clear distinct lines for many to read.

Now is the time to work in proclaiming the Biblical truths for we are in the time of the end spoken of by Daniel the Prophet. We have been given the messages and warnings in Revelation to bear to the world. The Sabbath contained in the Law of God needs to be shared as the sign of God's people. The message that the truth and way of salvation is in Jesus Christ alone must be clear and separating. Let us labor while it is day, for the night is coming when no man can work.

Though our voice is to give the call to come to Christ, the printed word can go places where a living person can not go. Take literature with you and give it to all those you come into contact with. For each pamphlet or book will have an eternal influence.