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More About the Stitcher

Progress is taking place on setting up the Harris Multibind 250 (the stitching-line).

It took awhile, one and half days, to level it. The delivery tray makes the stitcher too long to fit in the room. So I am needing to make a drop-box to attach to the end. When the sections of the stitching-line are together it looks more like a usable piece of equipment. Plans to get electricity, 3 phase / 30 amps, to it are shortly to be done.

Several people have asked me also to tell more about how God provided for it. After I put the money down on it, there was no other money for it during the two weeks in which I said I would get the money to them. With much prayer, I call them up to see how long I could have to get the money. They responded, "as long as you need, just not six months." This was one more answer to prayer, but still no money. On Friday a letter came from a friend which I didn't receive until after sundown, so I waited until after Sabbath to open it. There was a donation for $500 from this friend that I did not expect to give that much. I call my mom, who had been interested in the letter, to tell her. After the call, she went back to talk with her parents that were visiting. Before she said anything, they told her that they had just told my dad their decision to match the first $500 I got. Then my mom told them that I had just received the first $500 for the stitching-line. Within five minutes God provided $1000. The rest of the money God provided for in donations of $2 (from my daughter), $10, $25, $50, $75, and $500. All the donations, both the small and large, helped to get this needed piece of equipment.

Praise God!

How encouraging to hear the testimony of how God has led and provided for all your needs in this ministry. Glory to the Lord! May His hand of blessing be upon you as you spread truth. We miss you all! Samantha & Steve