Truth Printing

Update during GYC 2012

As I have been telling people at GYC 2012 the current events and what has happened over the last couple of years, I realized that I need also to update those that visit the website. There has been much that has happened and I will tell some of the stories here on the blog.

In short about two years ago I was asked to move from the building that I was printing in. God opened the way to move to southern Oregon and build a print shop. Just within the last month I got the presses running again. Along the whole process of building God helped and provided, and I am glad to be actually printing now.

The most recent tract printed was “Expectant but not ready” which is a passage from the Great Controversy by Ellen White. It present our great need to be ready to be ready for Christ coming--especially as Seventh-day Adventist.

Currently the project I am re-printing is the 10,000 copies of “The Letter of Hope.” This is an encourage letter written by Ellen White.